Glute Activation - 4 At Home Exercises, With Morgan Rose Moroney

1. Banded Glute Bridge Combination

Start off lying on your back, with both feet placed firmly on the floor and your heels close to your glutes. When you're ready, thrust your pelvis up and squeeze your buttocks (gluteus muscles) and hold. Perform this exercise 20 times. 

To vary this exercise, you can start off by performing a standard up and down glute bridge movement. Once you are in the raised movement, bend your knees outwards and feel your glutes burn. You can refer to the video for instructions.  

2. Banded Pulsing Squats & Hold

Position yourself in the squat position, with a band of your choice located above your knees. When ready, perform a series of pulse squats and finish off by holding yourself in squat position. 

This exercise is fantastic for warming up your body before performing weighted squats or prior to any physical activity. It's also excellent for improving glute strength and stability.

3. Banded Wall Sit

The wall sit is a basic exercise that has proven the test of time. It is incredibly simple and can be performed anywhere with two surfaces at a right angle. Place your back against a wall and squat down. Keep your back tightly against the wall whilst maintaining good posture. Keep your legs at a firm right angle and tighten your core. With the band above your knees, move your knees outward and squeeze.

By adding the band and performing adductive pulses, you will activate and burn your gluteus muscles and strengthen your legs and core.

4. Banded Crab Walks

The crab walk is a staple glute activation exercise. It is performed in a sideward motion. Start off by putting a resistance band above your knees, then bend your knees into a partial squat position. Once you're in position, extend your leading foot outwards and extend the resistance band. Ensure that your trailing foot doesn't come over too much as you need to keep the resistance level up.

Perform 10 steps to the right and the 10 steps back to the left. You can increase steps and reps to suit your ability. You should start feeling a burn in your glutes quite rapidly.

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