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After suffering from long-term lower back pain, my physiotherapist determined that my issues stemmed from weak or under active glutes. From here, he explained the issue plaguing many people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. These issues include weak glutes, tightened hip flexors, elongated back muscles and tightened pectorals, all leading to forward shoulder roll, poor posture and ongoing physical issues.

From here, I was prescribed a set of latex resistance bands and a basic glute strengthening regime. However, whenever I used these bands they would slip, coil and pull on my skin. 

Here, Oneflex was born, offering premium fabric resistance bands that don't slip or coil and offer extra heavy resistance. 

We have now expanded our product range to premium fitness accessories that are loved by health & fitness enthusiasts all around the world!

Our team has also grown and we are dedicated to offering you helpful advice and inviting you to be part of the #oneflexau community.

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Emma, Andrew & Claudia