13" x 3" Heavy Band

  • 45kg of resistance
  • Suitable for advanced users & people with smaller frames
  • Shorter range of motion
  • Made to build glute strength
  • Best for exercises which require less range of motion, such as hip thrusts & glute bridges

15" x 3" Medium Band

  • 38kg of resistance
  • Suitable for intermediate users
  • More range of motion & great for individuals with larger frames
  • Can be used for all glute exercises
  • Especially great for clamshells, fire hydrants, donkey kicks, lateral walks and so on

13" x 2" Level 1 & 2 Band Bundle

  • Level 1 - 15kg resistance
  • Level 2 - 22.5kg resistance
  • Suitable for all users but best for beginners & rehab
  • Great for higher rep ranges
  • More range of motion than the 3" bands
  • Perfectly adaptable to all glute exercises and can also be used for upper body activation & strengthening drills too

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